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FREE White Flint Shuttle

**Both routes of the White Flint Shuttle ended operation on Friday July 30, 2004.**

The White Flint Shuttle was operated as a free service to area employees for over 13 years. The service was provided as part of a Traffic Mitigation Agreement that required that the shuttle be operated for a minimum of ten years. The service was operated through the White Flint Commuter Service Center.

For people traveling to locations along Rockville Pike (including White Flint Mall) there are two Ride On bus routes -- Route 5 and Route 46. Copies of these schedules are available on-line here.

For people who used the White Flint Shuttle to travel to locations along Executive Blvd. and East Jefferson Street, there are several options using Ride On buses including Routes 5, 26, and 81. Copies of these schedules are available on-line here.

Passengers can reduce their costs of using the Ride On buses by purchasing a week Ride-About pass that allows unlimited rides on Ride On bus for a set fee.  More info on this program can be found here.

For additional information please send an email to