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What is Telework?

Telework is defined as employees who work from their home or satellite work center all or part of the work week. Communication between the telecommuter and their office is done via the phone and internet.

FACT: Today, about 10% of the US workforce (11 million Americans) telework. They are joined by another 14.2 million independent work-at-homers. Roughly 23% of the working population in the US are mobile workers.

To learn how area employers, including employers in North Bethesda, have implemented telework programs visit: MWCOG's Telework Case Study

The Benefits - For Employers and Employees:


Visit Commuter Connection's Telework Page or the Maryland Department of Transportation - Telework Partnership with Employers website.

What is a Telework or Telecommuting center?

Offices that are designed to be geographically more convenient for an employee who has a long commute to work. A telework center has all the necessities and amenities of any office, and they offer all the standard office equipment. Many have video teleconferencing. There is voice mail, e-mail and the Internet. Long-term commitments are not required.

Telework Centers include:



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