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BICYCLING FACT: Using your bicycle for part of your commute is a great idea. It's healthy for you and for the environment. It is economical as well.

Bicycles on RIDE ON buses...

Bike racks can be found on the front of large buses in the Ride-On fleet. The racks hold two bikes and they accommodate most wheel and frame sizes, even children's bikes. They cannot carry motorized bikes. It is easy to mount a bike on the rack. Just let the bus driver know you'd like to do so, and he will lower the bus. Then, follow the instructions that are displayed right on the rack. You will be ready to board in seconds! There is no extra charge for your bike.

Bicycles on METRO trains...

It is simple to take your bike on the Metrorail system. Bicycles are permitted on Metrorail (limited to two bicycles per car) weekdays except 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. On weekends and most holidays, bikes are allowed on the trains all day (limited to four bicycles per car). Call Metro's Bike-On-Rail Office at 202-962-1116 or visit their website for more details.

Bicycle Safety...


For more information on safety for bicyclists and drivers, click here.

Bicycles Racks/Lockers...

Montgomery County is installing bike racks in public areas. Recently, over 200 bike racks were installed in County parks, libraries and government buildings throughout the area. For additional information on this initiative as well as other bike programs in Montgomery County, call Patricia Shepherd at 240/777-7231. To request a bike rack, click here.

Storage is available as well. Rental lockers have been installed at many stations. Most stations have bicycle racks that are free of charge. Call 202-962-1116 and leave a number and address, a contract will be sent to you. If you have questions about rental lockers call: 202-637-1328.

Several employers, including numerous departments of the US Government, NIH for one, have added bike racks and bike lockers to their parking facilities. Using your bicycle for any transportation need, or for recreation, is a great idea. It's healthy for you and for the environment, and is economical too.

The Montgomery County Government has funds available under the Smart Moves 2000 grant, for the installation of bike racks, bike lockers, locker rooms and showers. If you are interested in getting additional information about the Smart Moves 2000 grant and how it can benefit you – contact Montgomery County at 301/565-7378 or e-mail us.

For additional information and camaraderie, call the Washington Area Bicycling Association: 202-872-9830.

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