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It's BACK!!!

To help employers located within Transportation Management Districts (TMDs) encourage their employees to use transit and vanpooling, Montgomery County is introducing a FareShare matching subsidy program. The short term County subsidy will match the employer's transit benefits, and will help employers offset their commute benefit program start-up costs. 

FareShare will match the employer's transit benefit offered by the employer up to a maximum of $50/month per participating employee (up to $10,000 in one year to any one employer). Employers can offer their employees any amount up to the maximum of $255/month permitted by Federal tax law as a tax-free commute benefit.

FareShare Details:

Employers, learn more about how participating in FareShare can help you and your employees. Feel free to call your NBTMD Fare Share Representative Traci McPhail at 301-770-8108 or

Read the Fare Share Brochure!